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謝謝 @nameweephoto 的提名。在這就提名 @carriewst @leeteng0530 @kellypanjiali 接受挑戰!
Here doing the DOG KISSING CHALLENGE to help stray dogs in Malaysia from being killed brutally.
There are alot of illegal dog killings in Malaysia. The things is euthanasia injections which are given to silence the stray dogs are actually sold for personal gain and these dogs are then beaten brutally to death instead. So the way to solve these problem is to build dog care centres so that these stray dogs can live on peacefully. Which is why they need your help.
I hope you guys can
1. do a donation of any amount, then
2. Post a video of yourself kissing a doggy and name 3 other friends for this challenge to raise awareness.. ·
Paypal Account: [email protected]

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