I’m on Instagram


I have no idea how to use this service with the hashtags, long list of things/people to follow and how to update myself.

So follow me… you must…

And teach me… You MUST.



2 Responses to I’m on Instagram

  1. Jiaying

    Choose a photo you would like to upload.

    Play around with the effect if not remind the same without any effect.

    Write some words to say about your photo if not it will be just posted a photo.

    Hashtag is…

    For an example :

    You posted a photo of you smiling so add #smile #behappy followed by your text if not just those keywords to describe your photo (the words can’t be spaced out if you’re going to have words followed by the #)

    If you’re following your friends or anyone out there and you happen to see a photo you like, click on the heart instead of a thumbs up ~

    Lastly, enjoy using it!~ ^^

  2. Samantha Tan

    Well you seems to be doing fine with it. You can almost anything that is photo related (eg. food, people… etc.)
    Well Instagram is just a record of life in picture form. 所谓的生活写照。
    Let’s say you want to tag somebody to your photo, just simply add a @ in front of the username of whoever (eg. @derrickhoh )
    Well, you’ve been playing around with weeks, believe that you will get a hang of it. Hoping to see more of you or pictures!! =D


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