I’m Back


To my fans,

I gotta admit. It’s been awhile. :)

I bet some of you might had seen this coming. If you’d listened to it on Singapore’s 987fm last week and manage to get your spider sense tingling. Yes, I am that mystery artiste the DJs were talking about.

For most of you out there, yes I’m officially a father of a new song now. Allow me to introduce you guys, <Forever>, my fans. My dear fans, <Forever>.

It’s been 18 months since my last solo single, but what’s even more exciting is, ‘Forever’ is an English single. The idea of me working on an English track is definitely not new for some of you, I’d been telling you guys about it ever since I had plans for that.

Now the reason why it took so long, to be honest, got to do with me being a pain in the butt. Yes you heard me right, pain in the BUTT. I’d been singing and performing for you guys even before my big TWO-O and now after years and years of making my tunes for you guys to enjoy, I finally had this chance to leave that boy who just started out as the most accommodating newcomer in the world, to become this boy (still ;) ) who scrutinize every aspect of this production. Well people need to grow up you see.

An intense amount of time, effort and self-scrutiny had been put in, after-which we put in even more, just to get Forever, and the next few tracks coming out in the next few months out to your great listening ears. Those will be stories for another time.

I hope you guys love the song! I, for one, love it enough to allow it to be played in your ears. So here it is, Forever is my first fun lil’ track I have installed for you and you can download it here:

Forever on iTunes

More to come. Meanwhile, stay tuned.






我得承認,我好久沒出現了。 :)







Forever on iTunes



12 Responses to I’m Back

  1. Xiaorui

    I believe everything is worth the wait! Congrats weijian for your production! <3

  2. xinni seto


  3. S

    The man/boy (whichever you like) that took Forever to launch “Forever” – VERY PROUD OF YOU (Y)
    You’ve nailed it once again D, well done!

  4. Lydia

    This is like one of the best monday mornings i had :) thank you for the good music! and watching you grow since juedui superstar….. i feel like a proud mum hehehe. Jiayou derrick!!!!! :)

  5. YI PING

    噢耶!YOU’RE BACK. 好開心終於有新作品,ALWAYS SO PROUD OF YOU DEAR!!! Hope to see you real soon ~ *loves*

  6. August

    Well done for this song, it’s totally AWESOME! YOU DID US PROUD, with all your effort.
    Keep on fighting! We will stay with you, “forever” :D

  7. Olivia Lee

    I’ll always support you ! “Forever” is very good ,we proud of you !

  8. Iviwee

    Definitely an awesome song , just heard it from 98.7FM and the tune kept ringing in my head. Great job dude!

  9. Jess Tan

    Hello Derrick! I have been waiting for your new Singles and I am like FINALLY <3 Thank you! is very nice! Will keep supporting you! Gambatte! <3

  10. Xiang Ping

    Yay! You’re back, welcome back home derrick! :D
    I LOVE ‘ Forever ‘ song so much. I’m always so proud of you! :D 我会支持你到永远! 爱你哦.

  11. Siying

    it’s great to have you back!! WELCOME BACK!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU, MR HOH!!! hehe! Jiayou & see you soon!!! =D

  12. Soraya

    Here your fan from Nicaragua (Central America), finally you are back! I can not waito hear the complete song, and hope to be able to buy it! the song it is not available in my zone, why?! :(, anyway, 加油!!


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