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【小編】:大家期待這個星期天的到來嗎?你們準備好了嗎?在那天來臨之前, Derrick “Back to 19″ LIVE VVIP和VIP持票者快來這看看!有很重要的訊息哦!

請在當天下午3點之前抵達Esplanade Annexe Studio門口集合,工作人員將會帶你進場觀看Derrick彩排過程哦!請記得携帶你的票以便工作人員查證。

VVIP & VIP持票者:



VVIP and VIP Ticket Holders, please look here for an important info! ;)

VVIP Ticket Holders:
Please arrive at Esplanade Annexe Studio before 3PM on Sunday for the Rehearsal segment. Please remember to bring along your ticket for verification purpose.

VVIP & VIP Ticket Holders:
The time for Priority Entry is at 4PM.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday! :)

*Any absentees will not be entertained after the session has ended.
**Organizer reserves all rights to change or amend any aspect of the event’s content at its discretion. Management decision is final. via 何維健 Derrick Hoh

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